"PlanterSpeakers has introduced two new planter speaker designs, designed to provide invisible sound to an indoor or outdoor space. Both the Flagstone (shown right) and the Piermont (shown below) incorporate a three-way speaker with a 10-inch woofer, a four-inch midrange driver, and a one-inch tweeter, as well as a soft planting bag custom made by Smart Pots USA. The new planter speakers range in price from $2,595 to $6,495 per pair, depending on size, configuration, and style."

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"I’m telling you, you’re missing out.

Last year, I wrote about the magical mystery that was Planter Speakers, and I’m here to remind you to get the flock out of your listening room and enjoy some of this damn fine Spring weather before the hell of The Eternal Scorch descends from the angry gods of climate change and scours us from the surface of the Earth forever. I mean, if you want to. You can feel free to remain entombed in your sanctum sanctorum."

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"One of the coolest looking audio demonstrations at CEDIA Expo had to be Madison Fielding’s Piermont speakers. The company offers the speakers in three sizes and multiple configurations, whether you want dispersion coming from just the front of the speaker, the sides or the front and sides. At $6,000 per pair the Piermonts are not going to be for everyone, but for those clients who really want to make a statement in their outdoor patios (or even areas indoors) these are certainly statement speakers. "

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Typically, outdoor speakers stick out like a sore thumb. While some consider it to be a high-tech badge of honor, others prefer to have audio blend seamlessly into the backyard or other outdoor areas. And no matter what color you paint outdoor speakers, those boxy units hanging off the side of your house, on the patio and by the pool aren’t fooling anyone.

Well, PlanterSpeakers by Madison Fielding is making outdoor speakers very stealth—and very green.
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The Audiophile Speaker System in a Teak planter to be featured at the Washington DC Audio Show Port Chester, NY

August 19, 2015 — With the introduction of its Piermont teak planter speaker series, PlanterSpeakers, a division of Madison Fielding, has redesigned and redefined outdoor sound.And now, the company will feature the Piermont at the Capital Audiofest quality audio hifi event on August 28-30 at the Hilton Hotel in Rockville, MD.